Hello world! Stellenbosch Lean Coffee has arrived!

Welcome to Stellenbosch Lean Coffee! Our community’s purpose is for its members – Professionals from Technology Development industries – to engage in knowledge sharing and mutual learning from each others’ experiences in the innovative and fun way proposed by the inventors of Lean Coffee.

We thank the founders of the global Lean Coffee ‘movement’ for hosting our sub-domain, and viewers of this page are strongly encouraged to look at what other cities and towns in our global community are doing with their Lean Coffees. We hope to be contributing to this forum as we engage in our own discussions and share our results.

In coming posts, we will be sharing information about the regular Lean Coffee Meetings that we’ll be having in Technopark in Stellenbosch. Our meetings take place monthly, at this stage, on the 4th Thursday of the month, from 14:30 – 16:00.

For now, here is a mind-map of our meeting held at Entersekt’s offices in Technopark, on Thursday the 29th of May 2014, and joined by participants from Entersekt, Stone Three, Attix 5 and Polymorph.

Technopark Lean Coffee - 29 May 2014

Participants in past Lean Coffees held in and near Technopark Stellenbosch included Agile Enthusiasts from the above named companies, as well as from Jasco Enterprises, Capitec Bank, General Electric, iQRetail, IMQS, and Interfront.

Welcome to everyone! Enjoy the journey! If you have ideas, suggestions or comments on any of the posts you see, please feel free to share.

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